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Lowell Lecture

Great Decisions | The End of Globalization

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May 4, 2021 at 6 p.m. - 7 p.m.


, MA
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Dr. Catherine L. Mann is the Global Chief Economist at Citibank since February 2018 where she is responsible for thought leadership, research guidance of a global team of economists, and cross-fertilization of research across macroeconomics, fixed-income, and equities. Prior to this position, she was Chief Economist at the OECD, where she also was Director of the Economics Department and was Finance Deputy to the G20 (2014-2017). She spent 20-plus years in Washington, DC (1984-2006) where her positions included Senior Fellow at the Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics and Adviser to the Chief Economist at the World Bank. In research, Dr. Mann’s work has addressed the US trade deficit, international capital flows, and the dollar; and a global-markets perspective on information technology, services trade, and employment dynamics. Dr. Mann received her PhD in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her undergraduate degree from Harvard University.

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Jordan Pederson (, )

During the 2020 United States Presidential election, the merits and drawbacks of globalization were constantly being debated by the presidential candidates. The passing of the Brexit vote and then-U.S. President Donald Trump’s America First doctrine gave new prominence to protectionist policies, challenging globalization. What is globalization and how will it be affected by protectionist trade policies? How will the United States and the world be affected by such policies? Is globalization really at an end, or in need of a refresh?